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*Reminder: In order to keep the most classic trace of the sky, this APP has a large file. It is recommended that players download it in a WIFI environment. Please forgive me for the inconvenience caused!

The story of "Xuanyuan Jianshen Gaiden: Traces of the Sky" took place in China one hundred and fifty years ago before "Xuanyuan Jianshen". The era was China's Sui Dynasty. Chen Guo's survivors mourned the destruction of the motherland. In 601 AD, tens of thousands of soldiers and horses were assembled to revolt in order to revive the homeland. Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty immediately ordered the suppression of the chaos, but what surprised the Chen Guo rebel army was that the court's countering troops had only 20 soldiers and horses, and the leader was a boy who was only ten years old! This mysterious young man in a cloak used a mysterious "golden sword" to wipe out tens of thousands of Chen Guo's rebellious army horses in a single blow. The prestige of the mysterious young man and the invincible golden sword "Xuanyuan Sword" has since changed everyone's reputation, and no one dared to rebel against the court anymore.
Sixteen years later, in the era of Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty, the actor "Chen Jingchou" was ordered by the master to embark on a journey to find the five ancient artifacts in the Central Plains. Chen Jingchou is a descendant of Chen Kingdom. During the infancy Sui Dynasty searching for Chen Guo's survivors, his master Chen Fu sacrificed his grandson and took the risk to rescue Chen Jingchou instead. Chen Fu's desire to rejuvenate the country fell entirely on the young Chen Jingchou (Chen Jingchou's name means "Jingbei captives, revenge for the country"). Because of that thrilling nightmare 16 years ago, Master knew that he would never be able to beat the mysterious young man holding the Xuanyuan sword, so he determined to change his method and began to look for the five ancient artifacts in the world that people can obtain in the legend: Fuxi Qin, Shennong Ding, Kongtong Seal, Kunlun Mirror, and Nüwa Stone intend to collect them and use their power to rejuvenate the homeland. A arduous journey of restoring the country unfolded page by page.

[This game is classified as 15+ supplementary 15 levels in accordance with Taiwanese regulations. The content of this game contains less than bloody fighting attacks, dating and making friends. 】
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