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LifeUp: Gamify To-Do & Habit v1.88.3 APK + Mod [Paid for free][Patched]

Versão : 1.88.3

Tamanho : 12.13 MB

Desenvolvedor : Ayagikei

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Gamify Your Life

Want a gamified , unique and fun to-do & habit-tracking app to stay motivated, organized, and focused?

- Record and complete tasks to gain exp and coins, just like turn your life into an RPG and productivity game.

- Exp can improve your attributes and skill levels. And it will reflect your self-improvement.

- Use coins to buy the item you want to reward yourself. This can be used for you to balance your work and rewards, and to improve your focus.

- Set up achievements to auto-track your task progress and goals.

- More! Pomodoro, Feelings, custom loot boxes and there's even a crafting feature!

This is the gamification of your life, and you can customize your own gamification list and reward/penalty syetem for optimal motivation, which may be helpful for ADHD.


Attribute or skills
Instad of build-in attibutres such as strength, knowledge, etc.
You can also create your own skills such as fishing, writing.
Try adding tasks to your skills and leveling them up!
Track your level with achievements to unlock exclusive rewards when you reach the goal.
The growth of attributes and skills in the application is also equivalent to digitally reflecting your growth, prompting you to stay more motivated and powerful.

Abstract your task reward into the app as a shop item, whether it is a realistic reward, a reward for rest and entertainment time, or a stat reward in the app, such as taking a 30 mins break, watching a movie, or getting a random coin reward.

In addition to dozens of built-in achievements waiting for you to unlock, you can create your own to track your progress: such as auto tracking the number of task completions, levels, and item usage times.
Or create your realistic milestones like arrived in a city!

Use the Pomodoro to stay connected and stay motivated.
As a Pomodoro timer is completed, you can receive a virtual reward.
Decide whether to eat or sell ? Or exchange for other item rewards?

Loot boxes
You can set the Loot boxes effect for the shop item to receive a random reward.
Are you wondering if the reward for completing a task is or ?

⚗️ Crafting
Create your custom crafting recipe.
In addition to being able to make sticks out of wood, you can try +lcoked chests= reward chests, or create your own currency.

One-time payment, No IAPs releated to features, No Ads

Offline first, but supports multiple backup methods
We value your privacy!
The data is basically only stored locally on your phone and will not be transmitted to our server. And there is an offline mode.
You can use Google Drive/Dropbox/WebDAV to sync your data, or export data locally for backup.

Complete to-do basic functions
Repeats, reminders, notes, deadlines, history, checklists, attachments, and more.
Write down your to-dos and LifeUp will help you keep track of them.

What's more, you can gamify your routine to-do list in LifeUp with tons of custom reward options.

World module
You can browse or join task teams created by others.
Complete tasks together and post your updates!
Or browse and import a variety of shop item rewards settings and random tasks.

More features!
# App widgets
# Dozens of theme colors
# Night mode(dark theme)
# Lots of statistic
# Feelings
# Keep updating...


- Language: The language of the app is translated by community contributions, you can check

- Refund: Google Play may automatically request a refund if you uninstall a paid app within a few hours of purchase. Of course, you can always contact us at the email address below for a refund or assistance. Please consider giving it a try!

- App Privacy Terms & Policy:

- Contact Email: [email protected]
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